Hi there!

I am Honored that you stopped by my page!!! 

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As you can see from my photos, I love family photography and portraiture. If you love soft, emotional images that come alive in your heart, I'm your girl.

Since I became a mom of two crazy kids, I learned that my absolute favorite type of photography is family/lifestyle, because it gives me the opportunity to document some of the most special moments in someone's life, and of course running after the kids helps me stay in shape ;)  I have always wanted to do school portraits, and this year, it has become a reality for me!!! Couple/Engagement photography is incredible to me. I find it so amazing to photograph love, in its various forms...and I absolutely love, love, love photographing small weddings and events. It feels so good to feel the love and joy in the air, and meet some wonderful people...

I have been doing photography for just about 20 years (my father inspired me). I learned to work with film and develop it in my own dark room. It was pretty awesome. Later on, I learned to work with digital photography, and edit on the computer instead. However, only recently I started calling myself a "photographer". Maybe because learning this art & craft is so very, never ending, and I had a specific idea of what would make me feel like an actual photographer... I have learned that photography is my true passion, and it moves me each time I photograph a family, Mama Nature, an inanimate object... anything... I love it each time... I am "out of the closet photography passionista", and I am brave to live my passion daily!

My photos will reveal everything about me as a photographer and the style I like to shoot. Make sure to look through them all, and see if you and I will make a good team.

I love to advise on proper attire and what would look good for a shoot. Clients often text me images of their clothing choices, and we work together to come up with the best combinations, and coordinated looks. I do direct, and help you settle into a pose that will make your photos look gorgeous. I rarely use props, but if and when I do, I never endorse any props that were once part of living beings.

Call me, text me, email me, facebook me, instagram me, to connect and work together. I love people. I love integrating myself in a small event of a person's life, and capture it for timeless memories.


Hope to meet you soon,


Biliana :)